IPWG U.S. Validation Page

* The statstics that are accesible on this page are for a single satellite (NOAA-18) and the validation data set is the hourly NCEP "Stage IV" radar/rain gauge integrated analyses. Each satellite estimate
is binned to a 1/4 degree lat/lon array that is matched to the validation data grid. Satellite estimates with time stamps of 0-30 minutes past the hour are assigned to that hour, while time stamps 31-59
minutes past the hour are assigned to the next hour. The statistics are computed only at locations where all satellite estimates and radar have non-missing values to ensure time/space matched samples.
Statistics are computed on data over 10-day periods to ensure ample data for stable statistics.

Season Time Series PDFs
SON 2014
JJA 2014
MAM 2014
DJF 2013-2014
SON 2013
JJA 2013
MAM 2013
DJF 2012-13